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Design your dream.

On the occasion of Milan Design Week, the BDC School and its students open their doors and invite you to live a dreamlike experience, where dreams turn into art and fantasy materialises before your eyes.

Discover our 'Interdisciplinary Projects' through which we venture beyond the boundaries of the known. The BDC school's design approach allows us to explore the basics of design to create projects that weave together different disciplines in a fusion of creativity and innovation.

These projects are the bridge between dreams and reality, proving that art really can change the world, one idea at a time.

Let yourself be carried away by the immersive installation of Year 7 and Year 8 coordinated by Simone Cordiano, a secret garden of lights and shapes dancing in an ethereal embrace. Each step in this enchanted world is a movement through the veil of dreams, where playful silhouettes and whispering lights merge to design experiences that seem suspended between dream and reality.

Exploring the most secret recesses of the soul, we invite you to look beyond, where breathtaking visions gently touch the soul, awakening forgotten sensations.


Conclude your journey in FlyCat's 'Urban Sign' universe, where the street meets the stars. Here, works of Urban Art rise up, transforming themselves into spaceships ready to soar through unexplored skies. The 'StarShips' project was born from our imagination, ingeniously transforming simple toys into unique works of art, celebrating a sustainable and collaborative future. Each piece tells a story of transformation and hope, inviting us to believe in the magic of innovation.


Where every corner hides a story, every light reveals a dream, and every moment is an opportunity to be enchanted.

Welcome to our world, where dreams are transformed into art and fantasy comes to life.

BELEGGIA Chloe. Bambina che salta.gif

Bambina che salta.
Chloe B.

BORTOLOTTI Jacopo. Il ladro.gif

 Il ladro.
Jacopo B.

CAVALLERO Achille. Forsan.gif

Achille C.

CUCCIO Marta. Il caniolino.gif

Il cagnolino.
Marta C.

DE FRANCESCO Martina. La fata ce sempre beve il suco.gif

La fata c'è sempre, beve il succo.
Martina DF.

FIORESE Edoardo. I supereroi.gif

I supereroi.
Edoardo F.

FIUMENE Enea. Il colpo della persona.gif

Il colpo della persona.
Enea. F.

FRANCES Lily. La Festa.gif

La Festa.
Lily F.

GIACOBBE Raoul. Il cane adomentato.gif

 Il cane addomentato.
Raoul G.

GIULIANA Mattia. I mostri.gif

 I mostri.
Mattia G.

MORNATI Sara. La papera che fa cuac.gif

La papera che fa cuac.
Sara M.

PEDRON Felice. Rango bianco e nero.gif

Rango bianco e nero.
Felice P.

PELLEGRINI Brando. Roisen.gif

Brando P.

PESCE Sofia. La fatina Margherita.gif

La fatina Margherita.
Sofia P.

PRICHARD Olivia. La regina che canta.gif

La regina che canta. Olivia P.

SAVIOLI Leonardo. Uno ce tira l arco.gif

Uno che tira l'arco. Leonardo S.

SMITH Logan. Ranio Salta.gif

Ranio Salta.
Logan S.

SQUILLACE Aurora. La giravolta del mostro.gif

La giravolta del mostro.
Aurora S.

XU HAO Jun. Dogdey.gif

Jun X.

VILLA Alessandro. Il drago che sputa il fuoco.gif

 Il drago che sputa
il fuoco.
Alessandro V.

ZHOU Raffaella. Gato cativa.gif

Gato cativa. Raffaella Z.

ADAMI Ginevra. Abbraccio.gif

Ginevra A.

BDC is excited to present you the exhibition organised for Milan Design Week with all the works created by our children!


We are waiting for you at via Pietrasanta 14,

from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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