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At BDC we offer the highest quality
of education by giving to our students the best of both worlds.

Our Curriculum

BDC offers a bilingual and multicultural approach, in which the National Indications provided by the Italian Department of Education are integrated and completed by the Early Year Foundation Stage curriculum drawn up by the British's government, respectively for the age group 1-5, and by the Cambridge Curriculum for the age group 5-14.

BDC strongly affirms its link with Italian culture in its highest and broadest sense whilst promoting a cosmopolitan an international environment.

The humanity subjects which include Philosophy, Music and Drama have a crucial role in educating children from an early age. The humanistic area prepares them to be instruments of change and contribute towards the achievement of successful technology integration.

MiM e Cambridge


0-3 years

Our child centred Nursery is where the first exposure to education takes place.



3-4 years

Following from the nursery , our Kindergarten offers a multilingual environment in which the natural “code switching”  promotes a formation specific to bilingualism. 


6-11 years

BDC Primary School is part of the Cambridge Assessment International Education school network: students are offered both the Italian ministerial curriculum and the international  curriculum  certified by Cambridge university.


11-14 years


BDC Middle Bilingual School follows the national guidelines of the Italian Department of Education and the British Cambridge Lower Secondary program.


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