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BDC School has teamed up with one of the best Auction Houses in the world, Sotheby's Italia. With Sotheby's Italia, our kids have a hands-on learning experience with art history, understanding the auction world and participating at our auction being held on June 8th. Through ICARE Charity, our students will create art to be sold at auction where 100% of the proceeds will benefit those who participate in our art competition and will be rewarded with a full year program in our specialized art course. 

art business

Art Business

BDC offers an important educational initiative that demonstrates how it's possible to unite educational institutions and professionals in the sector to create significant opportunities for young people in Upper Primary and Middle School (9-12 years old) by promoting entrepreneurship and creating an artisitic


With this initiative, BDC School in partnership with Sotheby's Italia hopes to inspre and encourage young people to collaborate their passion for art and entrepreneurship. Participants will have the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of art industry professionals and auction houses to learn the skills needed to run an art business and participate in a professional auction. 


June 8th - 5:30 PM
Auction: Paintings, Scultpture and Jewellery.

We invite you to attend the Sotheby's Italia Art Auction on Thursday, June 8th at 5:30pm in Via Dei Fontanili, 3

Event Schedule:

  • 17:30 Doors open for Exhibition preview with an aperativo and live music

  • 18:30 Sotheby's Auction and Bidding starts


All proceeds from the auction go directly to ICARE Charity in support for a specialized art course scholarships,

The art business project is part of the BDC School's entrepreneurship program as it plays an important role at the school. It is the core of our values and principles that can create such collaborations with Italian and International companies which allow our students from Primary school to understand and realize their idea into reality. 

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Art to heart
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BDC School open its' doors to the public through hosting an ART COMPETITION: ART TO HEART. All children in Municipio 5 will be able to send in their artworks by June 30th, 2023 (drawings, painting on canvas, jewels, sculpture, etc). 

BDC School is offering the kids the freedom to express their creativity and the 3 most original, amazing and out of this world creations will receive an exceptional prize: A scholarship sponsored by ICARE Charity for an after school art course at BDC School in Via Dei Fontanili, 3, Milan. 

The 3 scholarship winners will be able to meet other artists, share their passions and most importantly, discover new techniques, color theory and assignments based on both traditional and contemporary styles. They will be instructed by a specialized english teacher that will guide them every step of the way. 

How to participate?

  1. Create your artistic work: it can be whatever you want

  2. Take a photo of your work and send it to: or upload it to this website by June 30th, 2023 indicating your name, surname, date of birth, school and explanation of your work in a paragraph. 

In addition to the 3 best entries that will win the after school course, others will be exhibited at BDC School in Via Dei Fontanili, 3 together with other creative works. 

The winners will be announced in September 2023 on this website.

For more information and to register, please write to:


Rassegna Artistica

Carica file

Grazie per la tua partecipazione!

Our art business project was designed to offer kids a comprehensive education that not only prepares them to face the world of work in the future but one that is also inclusive and reflects the cultural and artistic diversity of our society. We want to provide our students the skills and knowledge to excel in any professional sector they choose to pursue including the art and auction industries. 
Irene Piazza Roncoroni, founder &
CEO di BDC School.

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