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 Thursday 18th May, 6:00 PM 

Unveiling Excellence

and Exclusivity:

  • BDC Multi-activities & Golf day Camp (Milan/Cologno M.)

  • Dukes Summer Boarding Camp at Twyford School (UK)

Discover our unforgettable summer camp options for your children

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Multi-activities & Golf day Camp (Milan or Cologno M.)

Age: 8 to 12.

Where: Milan or Cologno Monzese (Italy)


  • 3rd July - 28th July

  • 28th August - 1st September

Programme Activity Highlights:

  • General English

  • Golf Training

  • Local Excursions

  • Swimming

  • Arts & Crafts

Includes: English Tuition, End of Course Report and Certificate, Meals, and Complementary Transport.

About BDC School: BDC comes from the acronym Be, Do, Create. It is a fully accredited international bilingual school from Nursery to Middle School, which forms the citizens of tomorrow, inhabitants of a world in constant evolution.

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Dukes Summer Boarding Camp at Twyford School (UK)

Age: 8 to 12.

Where: Twyford School (UK)


  • 16th July - 29th July (2 Weeks)

  • 30th July - 12th August (2 Weeks)

Programme Activity Highlights:

  • Multi-activities

  • Sports Tournaments

  • Combat Archery

  • Secret Cinema

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Pedal Karts

  • Local Excursions

  • Marwell Zoo

SBC's includes: English Tuition, End of Course Report and Certificate, Accommodtion & Meals, and comprehensive Travel Insurance.

About Dukes Education Summer School: Dukes has welcomed over 14,000 students from 152 countries to study with us to date.


Summer Boarding Courses (SBC) offers one of the most multinational learning environments in the UK, providing a truly immersive and diverse setting for their students to meet like-minded peers from all over the world.

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Programme of the webinar

  • Welcome and introduction

  • About Multi-activities & Golf day Camp

  • About Dukes Summer Boarding Courses

  • Benefits of the Residential Camps

  • Q&A


Director of Education Marta Garofalo

Thursday, 18th May at 6:00 PM.

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