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Additional nursery class opening.

Internal pool.

Modulo Nursery Pietrasanta

From 3 months to 3 years.

BDC School is a fully accredited international bilingual school from Nursery to High School.

Due to the overwhelming requests, BDC School is pleased to inform you

that we open a new campus!

Babies (6-12 months)
Wobblers (1-2 years)
Toddlers (2-3 years)

Via Pietrasanta 14, Milano

Limited capacity. Reserve your place! 

Fill our the form to partecipate

BDC School

BDC School comes from the acronym Be, Do, Create. It is a fully accredited international bilingual school from Nursery to High School, which forms the citizens of tomorrow, inhabitants of a world in constant evolution.

BDC offers an academic path that combines the most effective aspects of the Italian and international educational systems.

Why BDC School?
✓ English and Italian mother tongue teachers
✓ Psychomotricity and Baby Swim
✓ Experiential workshops


Our child centred Nursery is where the first exposure to education takes place. Our carefully arranged and welcoming space encourages freedom of expression and supports children’s development and well-being through a range of inspiring activities.

At BDC we focus on the natural learning and acquisition of the English language. We provide enriching learning opportunities that ignite curiosity and help shape positive linguistic habits.


Discover BDC Nursery

BDC School is managed by qualified personnel and moved by a great passion for the psychophysical growth of babies and children.

Why BDC Nursery?
✓ Stimulating and calm setting
✓ Internal pool heated to 32°C
✓ Excellent location with exclusive parking


Patrizia C.

for BDC School

“Personale altamente qualificato e ottimo staff… una bellissima esperienza!”


for BDC School

"Feels like at home. Very attentive educators, interesting activities."

Maddi M.

for BDC School

"Mio figlio è felicissimo di andare all’asilo! Questo mi fa capire che si trova veramente bene. Grazie alle maestre!"
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