The BdC School Preschool is open to all children aged 2 to 5 years. In a serene and stimulating environment, children will have the opportunity to learn to relate and communicate with their peers. Accompanied by knowledgeable, qualified and specialized teachers, they enter the adventurous discovery of the world and its meanings. Specifically, the staff is made up of English and Italian mother tongue educators and educators.

The classes are homogeneous and an adequate number of children is maintained for each section to favor a personalized and careful work. The educational approach to which BdC School is most inspired is the Montessori Method, the multiple intelligences of Howard Gardner and the Early Year Foundation Stage. Through play, children express themselves, narrate themselves, rework, supported by a high quality education and are able to have the basis for developing skills and talents.

The use of the English language is one of the basic principles of the educational project. Great attention is paid to the daily and natural approach with the English language through the constant presence of mother tongue teachers within the psycho – educational team. Starting the study of foreign languages from an early age, through activities of conversation, listening, mime, games, songs, nursery rhymes, psychomotor, painting and music is statistically demonstrated that children are more inclined to a more open world view and are favoured development of the social dimension.

Welcoming a child in our school means welcoming his family, so BdC School is attentive to the needs of parents by offering the possibility to participate in extra-curricular activities for both children and adults and a willingness to personal interviews of pedagogical and didactic study.

BdC School also has a large outdoor garden suitable for children, fenced and equipped with games for activities aimed at the discovery of the environment and outdoor movement.

BdC School will make use of the advice of the British Council in the 2018-2019 school year for a course of updating and supervision of teachers for teaching English.

The British Council is appointed by the Government of the United Kingdom, as the main operator for cultural relations with other countries in the educational field. For 60 years in Italy it is the official British institution for the implementation of the Cultural Agreement between Italy and the United Kingdom.

Our kindergarten is open from 8.00 to 18.30 from September to August.