The BdC School nursery offers a safe and welcoming environment, it designed and structured to stimulate the children to a serene discovery of everything around them.
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BdC School is a space open to all children aged from 2 to 6 years. In a serene and stimulating environment, children will have the opportunity to learn to relate and communicate with their peers.
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The Primary School of the BdC School for children aged 5 to 11 will open in September 2019 with the first class, with the precise plan to open the subsequent classes regularly year by year.
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English summer camp 2020

BdC School also takes care of organizing summer and winter campuses for children of all ages during school closures and holidays.

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Afternoon courses

Weekly courses with professional instructors, suitable for all ages, for body and mind training, to enjoy an hour of fun and relaxation. Find out all the details here!
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Saturday clubs

BdC School organizes private and corporate parties. It has an event hall, multi-purpose, eclectic and equipped.

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Say: it's hard to go with the kids. You are right. Then add: because you have to get on their level, lower yourself, bow, bend, get small. Now you are wrong. This is not what most tiring. Rather it is the fact of being forced to rise up to the height of their feelings. Pull yourself, stretch up high, stand on your tiptoe. Not to hurt them.

Janusz Korczak
Poet, doctor, educator

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