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After School Activities

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At BDC there are many opportunities beyond the school classroom. After school activities extend interests in the outside world, add to the depth of subject knowledge and help develop transversal skills. Our after school activities are designed for children and young people from 6 to 14 years.


Power English

Learning English in a fun environment since age 3. Our lessons have a multisensorial approach (songs, images, movement, games, nursery rhymes, etc). 


Cambridge Certificates

 Kids 8 years old or older will be able to attend English courses and obtain the Cambridge Assessment English certificate. 


Language Courses

Additionally, to English, BDC also offers group or individual languages courses. Languages include:  Chinese, Spanish, Russian. 

Performing Arts

BDC offers music and dance courses in partnership with Ricordi Music School. Additionally, BDC also offers arts, drama, and public speaking courses. All these courses are offered by bilingual and highly skilled professionals. 


This service allows students to complete their homework with the help our teachers. Students will be able to develop an efficient and result-driven study approach. 

After Club

Kindergarten Afterschool

Recreational activities designed for kids 3 to 6 years old. All educators running the course are bilingual. 


 Introduction to computing fundamentals aimed at the development of the student’s computational skills. 


Coding & Robotics

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